ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.7 is a two component, closed-cell, polyurethane foam system, designed for spray applications.  This foam system offers high compressive strengths, smooth aesthetics, and a broad application temperature window for extended project opportunities.

After installation SPF provides seamless protection by sealing cracks, crevices, and holes while insulating decks from temperature extremes.  Polyurethane foam also eliminates condensation preventing mold growth, enhances energy efficiency, and lowers lifecycle costs by providing a low maintenance deck solution.

The  ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.7  “A” component is a polymeric disocyanate.  The “B” component is a combination of polyols, catalystic agents and non-ozone-depleting HFC-245fa blowing agent.


envelo-roofRecommended Uses:

• Roofing Systems

• Tank Insulation

• Agricultural Applications


Physical Properties:

envelo-roof-2R-Value (initial): ASTM C-518 = 6.2 per inch

Compressive Strength: ASTM D-1621 = 50 – 55 psi

In Place Density: ASTM D-1622 = 2.7 lbs/ft3

Closed Cell Content: ASTM D-2856 = >92%

Tensile Strength: ASTM D-1623 = 65 – 75 psi

Water Absorption: ASTM D-2842 = 0.04 lbs/ft3

Water Vapor Permeability: ASTM C-355 = 2.2 perms

Dimensional Stability: ASTM D-2126 = % of Volume Change = <5% Actual 2.50% (28 days at 158°F, 95%RH)