Military-PolyureaDragonshield BC™ spray-applied, blast mitigating polymer represents a breakthrough in plural component polyurea technology. This product offers superior energy absorbing and fragment containment capabilities through its unique combination of high tensile strength, elongation, and strain modulus.

Dragonshield BC’s™ unmatched strain modulus strength reduces wall deflection while lowering the blast-caused pressure in a room. Minimizing deflection reduces the potential of objects located near the wall from becoming dangerous projectiles. This ultra-high strength barrier coating improves the survival rate of Dragonshield-2occupants exposed to a blast event.

Dragonshield BC™ has successfully undergone numerous blast tests on a variety of surfaces and established a proven track record.



(Test results available to qualified Dragonshield-3personnel)


  • Conforms to complex geometrical shapes.
  • Superior abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Reduces vibration.
  • Thermal Protection.
  • Resistant to chemicals used to decontaminate CARC.
  • Reduces Fragmentation.Dragonshiled-4
  • Capable of sustaining multiple hits.
  • Field Repairable.
  • Immediately reseals upon penetration.