PTU-1Modern polymer chemistry has evolved with SPI’s development of the next generation of industry-leading, chemical-resistant coatings.  The PTU™ galleria of high performance Polyurea coatings plays an important role in preventing and containing spills to protect our environment.

PTU™ provides a strong, seamless, flexible coating.  They are resistant to water, petroleum-based chemicals, gasoline, jet & diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, MTB, toluene, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic chemicals and many others.

This advanced elastomeric Polyurea is used on above and below ground tanks, pipe and pit liners, and new or existing rehabilitation purposes. It works well for containment, encapsulation and barrier applications and adheres to most surfaces including concrete, wood and metal.

PTU-2PTU™ Features:


  • Spray applied elastomer with chemical resistance, comparable to epoxies.
  • Effective barrier coating for primary & secondary containment.
  • Can be applied at any thickness in a single application.
  • Self-priming in most instances.
  • Fast-set; hardens in seconds.
  • Quick return to service in hours, not days.
  • Good elongation, allowing it to move with expanding and contracting substrates.
  • Eco-friendly; 100% solids with no solvents or VOCs.PTU-3


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PTU™ Resource Documents: (Click on each item to download PDF document)

PTU™ Chemical Resistance Chart

Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Sheet (A – Component)

MSDS Sheet (B – Component)

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