water-shield-100The product was originally designed to apply over concrete and its advanced elongation is suitable for bridging stress cracks in concrete and other substrates.

WATERSHIELD-100™ is a pure polyurea waterproofing elastomer exhibiting high elongation (1,014%).

It is 100% solids with no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It contains no tar or asphalt.

With high-elongation value, WATERSHEILD-100™ has great memory. It can be use waterproofing and can be applied on geotextiles fabrics.

WATERSHIELD-100™ is not affected by moisture and can be applied in high temperatures.

It can be handled in 15 minutes or less and cures in 48 hours.

Recommended uses are:

  • New or existing sub-grade slabs, walls, etc
  • Buried earthen containment lining (with or without geotextiles)
  • Rock shield for pipelines
  • Liner for ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, irrigation ditches etc.
  • Encapsulation material- rust, asbestos, lead paint, etc.
  • Truck bed and undercarriage liner