ecoriseSPI ECO-R↑SE™ 3.0, a low-viscosity foam, was designed for pour operations to produce rigid foam for concrete slab jacking and slab stabilization, as well as pole set in lieu of concrete.

When a concrete slab, foundation, sidewalk, or roadway pavement settles and becomes uneven, severe cracking, spalling, trip or fall hazards, and loss of structural support issues may occur.  This type of settlement is typically the result of the underlying soil having inadequate compaction or load bearing capacity.

SPI’s ECO-R↑SE™ 3.0 high density pour foam is the perfect economical solution for industrial, commercial, and residental slab/road jacking and stabilization projects. The specialized liquid material is injected underneath the uneven slab or roadway. When the two liquid material components (A & B) are mixed and dispensed out of the application gun a reaction occurs that causes the material to expand and become a high denisty solid material.  The foam rise or reaction time is slightly slowed down to allow the liquid material to thouroughly flow into the underground crevices. SPI’s ECO-R↑SE™ 3.0 pour foam’s high expansion force fills the underground voids and lifts the heavy concrete slab or roadway back to the proper level alignment.

ecorise-1ECO-R↑SE™ 3.0 is waterproof, hydrolytically stable, and resistant to mildew, bacteria and fungus. The high denisty pour foam has excellent demensional stability, while still being a lightwieght material (approx. 3 lbs.per cubic foot.). This recudes the burden weight placed on the underlying compacted soil, which minimizes the chances of resettlement. Other cementitious or sand based used for “mud jacking” typically weigh more that 100 lbs. per cubic foot.

This product has no heavy metal catalyst, no ozone depleting products, no bromine or other halogenated and formaldehyde components. It’s compliant with USDA/FDA requirements for incidental food contact, and safe for burial and landfill requirements.

The product’s fast reaction and rapid cure time allows the project area to be quickly returned to service, minimizing costly downtime.

Please click here to view the ECO-R↑SE™ 3.0 techncial data sheet.