Polyprime-100™ Primer: A 100% solids primer with wet out properties for deep penetration. It can be used as a topcoat or a rust-corrosion inhibitor.

EP-100™ Epoxy Primer: A 100% solids with no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) non-pigmented, slow-setting epoxy primer. It has superior adhesive to most surfaces, easy to use and can be applied by roller, brush or sprayed. The product is intended as a primer for SPI’s spray polyurea and other products. A winter grade of the product is available.

Solar Gain™ Acrylic Primer: An easy-to-use resin and pigment rich, low solids, water-based acrylic primer. It was developed as a quick-drying primer to give super adhesion to foam and most dry surfaces. It can be applied with roller, brush or spray equipment.

AE-4: The product is an adhesion enhancer to pure polyurea elastomers that provides maximum bonding to a broad variety of substratum.

H.P. (High Pigment): The product is a high pigment-loading additive for any aromatic product. It deters fading, chalking and discoloration with is recognizable in aromatic coatings.

U.V. (Inhibitors with High Pigment): An additive which can be added with high-pigment additives which helps deter fading, chalking and discoloration with is recognizable in any aromatic coatings.

CA-4 (Adhesion Enhancer- Aliphatic)

Mold Guard: The product deters mold growth.

Prep-Wipe: A solution that is wiped unto existing polyurea in preparation of applying Ultra-Bond 100.

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