durathane-2For more than 30 years, DURATHANE II™ has provided weather-resistant coating for polyurethane foam insulation and roofs. This elastomeric moisture-cured urethane coating has excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam, asphalt shingles, wood, concrete and masonry.

It’s also is wear resistant, waterproof and fire resistant on a variety of surfaces. Moisture does not affect the elastomer during application, it only makes it set faster. The product cures in 24 hours.

DURATHANE II™ provides greater UV (ultra violet) protection than similar generic coatings.

With high tensile strength and a high elongation value, DURATHANE II ™ will resist lateral movement, shear and allow for normal expansion and contraction.

Recommended uses are:

  • Weather-resistant coating for polyurethane foam, roof, etc
  • General purpose waterproofing coating