mining-1Pure Polyurea has been designed for the mining industry.

Thin support liners are becoming more accepted and developed with improved properties because the mining industry as a whole has been offering underground safe test trial sites.It can be sprayed both in liquid form and in a fibrous web pattern which allows one to span large cracks in rock surfaces.

Conveyor belts are sprayed with polyurea to resist wear. Paddles and agitator shaft of the trammel can be coated with polyurea. Other uses included spaying vibrating screen bases that were previously coated with polyurethane. The switch was chosen for the higher wear-resistance capabilities of polyurea.


Today, the National Park Service has inventoried data on more than 2,400 abandoned mine sites and more than 10,500 individual mine openings. A number of methods has been employed to close and/or reclaim mine opening depending on the conditions and need at each site.

Polyurethane foam is used to plug opening when the mine does not provide wildlife habitat or to reclaim the mine.


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