storage-tankThe term primary containment refers to the first level of containment, usually storage tanks, pipes or retention ponds that come in direct contact with the substance or material being stored.  These coatings play an important role with protecting structures to make them last longer and more importantly protecting the environment against leaks or spills of potentially harmful materials.

Specialty Products has the industry’s most unique, cutting-edge portfolio of elastomeric protective coatings for primary containment applications.  From general waterproofing to more challenging environments storing various fuels or harsh chemicals, chances are SPI has the right protective coating solution to meet your specific project needs.
Click on the below links to learn more about WTB Spray’s chemical resistant polyurea elastomers designed for above and below ground, full-immersion, containment service:

storage-tank-2PTU™ – The Chemical Resistant Polyurea

Polyshield HT-100F™