Synergy-Logo-FINAL-3AQUASEAL HI-RISE X5™ (X5™) is a unique elastomer that expands approximately 500% of its original volume during the spray application. The resulting foam is soft, yet tough, with excellent memory retention. The in place yield is ±80 mils per gallon per 100 sq. ft. when sprayed through a LOCK N LOAD™ gun. As X5™ rises, it bridges substrate imperfections, to virtually eliminate blowholes and pinholes when applied to porous surfaces such as vertical poured concrete and concrete masonry units (cmu). X5™ is formulated with the “ULTRABOND™” molecule therefore is self-priming in most applications.


• 100% solids. No solvents. No VOCs.

• Extended tack time to allow deep surface penetration.

• Compliant with FDA/USDA for incidental food contact.


Unlike most spray-applied polyureas, X5™ has the unique advantage of adhering to many polymeric substrates, both new and aged, typically without the use of primers or extensive surface preparation.

In house testing has shown excellent adhesion to certain clean, dry surfaces including:

• Primers past the recoat window

• SBR rubber

• Latex rubber

• Aged polyureas

• Crumb rubber surfaces

• Epoxy

• Melamine

• Roofing

• Firestone SBS roofing membrane

• Glass


Recommended Uses:

• Seamless impact absorber; stand alone or with a high strength top coat.

• Roof Systems (metal, concrete, wood, etc.) as a base coat.

• To fill or repair control joints, random cracks, and shallow spalls on concrete surfaces.

• Wastewater containment as a base coat.

• Basecoat in lieu of primer to minimize surface preparation labor