Synergy-Logo-FINAL-3ENVELO-SEAL 0.5™ OC spray-applied polyurethane foam is a two component, low-density, non-structural insulation system designed for commercial, residential, and industrial applications.  The low density nature of ENVELO-SEAL™ 0.5 OC allows for tremendous yield, while still affording critical air sealing of the home, office space, or classroom, resulting in better air quality, and an increased comfort for building occupants.

The ENVELO-SEAL™ 0.5 OC system is comprised of an “A” component or aromatic diisocyanate manufactured by Bayer Material Science and a blended “B” component which includes polyols, fire retarding materials, catalysts, and a non-ozone depleting blowing agent.

Recommended Uses:

• Wall

envelo-1• Floors

• Ducts

• Unvented Attics

• Vented Attics

• Tanks

• Ceilings

• Piping

Physical Properties:

Fungi Resistance:  ASTM G-21 = Zero Rating

envelo-2R-Value (aged):  ASTM C-518 = 3.9 at 1 inch, 13 at 3.5 inches, 19 at 5.5 inches

Sound Transmission Coefficient:  ASTM E-90-85 = 51 (STC)

Noise Reduction Coefficient: ASTM C-423 = 0.7 (NRC)

Compressive Strength:  ASTM D-1621 = .88 pcf

Apparent Density: ASTM D-1622 = 0.5 pcf

Open Cell Content: ASTM D-2856 = >92%

Tensile Strength: ASTM D-1623 = 3.2 psi

Shear Strength: ASTM C-273 = 1.4 psi

Permeability: ASTM E-96 = 20.587 perm-in