Synergy-Logo-FINAL-3EPL-1.5™ and EPL-1.9™ are both high-strength, self-leveling, semi-rigid polyurea elastomers. The two products feature an Extended Pot Life (EPL), with EPL-1.5™ = 1.5 minutes and EPL-9™ = nine minutes. The extended pot life and tack time allow the coating to penetrate deeper into the surface.

Due to its high tensile strength, tear strength, and tensile modulus,   EPL-1.5™ is very resistant to deformation with over 400% elongation.  This optimal balance of physical properties makes EPL-1.5™ an ideal choice of polymers for filling or repairing construction joints, random cracks, joint faces, and spalls.  EPL-1.5™ is formulated to be processed through a SPI Synergy Series proportioner such as the LPG™ or TI-13D™.


polyurea-joint-fill-1• 100% solids.  No solvents. No VOCs.

• Extended tack time to allow deep surface penetration.

• Fast-set 1:1 ratio, return to service in less than one hour.

• Compliant with USDA/FDA requirements for incidental food contact.

Recommended Uses:

polyurea-joint-fill• To fill or repair control joints, random cracks, and shallow spalls on horizontal concrete surfaces.

• Earthen containment lining used with or without geotextile fabric.

• Roof systems (metal, concrete wood, etc.)

• Protective elastomer for sprayed-in-place urethane foam.

• EPL-1.5™ can be spray-applied with or without broadcast aggregate to provide a durable resilient flooring system