SPIEVELO-SEAL-LOGO 2ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB – closed cell, ignition barrier rated, spray foam wall insulation is a two-component polyurethane foam insulation system. It has a 1.9 – 2.2 PCF spray in place density. ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB was developed using an EPA approved Zero ODP blowing agent. This product provides superior energy efficiency and air infiltration control. The product can be used in open wall cavities, crawlspaces, perimeter rim joists, cathedral ceilings, and garage ceilings. ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB meets the USDA criteria for incidental food contact.

ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB closed cell foam insulation is compliant with ICC-ES AC 377, Appendix X, for use in attics and crawlspaces without a prescriptive ignition, thermal barrier or intumescent coating.



ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB Flyerspray-foam-10

ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB Technical Data Sheet


ENVELO-SEAL™ 2.0 IB Spray Foam Insulation Benefits:

Superior thermal and moisture management. Increases energy efficiency to help reduce heating and cooling costs. Seals gaps and crevices, to create a durable air barrier and vapor retarder.

spray-foam-4Excellent product yields. Ignition barrier rated spray foam (ICC – AC 377 Appendix X compliant). Can be sprayed in attics or crawl spaces without an ignition barrier.

Contributes to sustainable, green building practices and USGBC – LEED points. Improves structural integrity. Recognized by FEMA as flood resistant insulation material.

Rapid order fulfilment and reduced shipping costs from regional facilities: Chicago IL (new location), Rowlett TX, Lakewood WA and Anchorage AK.


Recommended Uses:

  • Residential Insulation
  • Commercial Insulation
  • Industrial Insulation
  • Exterior Walls
  • Vented Attics
  • Unvented Attics
  • Floors
  • Foundations
  • Crawl Spaces
  • HVAC Ducts
  • Fluid Tanks
  • Cold Storage
  • Units in conjunction with vapor barrier