spi-proformPour foams are categorized in the plastics family and applied in countless applications ranging from marine flotation foam, architectural moldings, cavity fills, insulation panels and taxidermy applications.

PROFOAM™ is rigid, two-component, closed-cell polyurethane foam system designed for pour foam applications where constant flow characteristics and even density distributions are preferred. Its’ fast initiation and slow rise times make PROFOAM™ suitable for applying with a plural-component spray system or hand mixing and pouring into place.

PROFOAM™ is available in a wide variety of formulations and densities. SFC Class I foam has a viscosity value at 77°F between 850-1000, Class II is 750-900 and Class III is 500-700.

PROFOAM™ products are environmental-friendly.

Recommended uses are:

  • General purpose cavity fill pour applications
  • Moldings
  • Sculptures
  • Structural insulation panels