durashieldDURASHIELD II™ is a technically advanced, fire retardant elastomeric coating uniquely formulated for the protection of sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam insulation and other construction surfaces. It has exceptional adhesion to polyurethane foam and a diversity of other surfaces.

Its formulation combines elastomeric acrylic resin, laminar pigments and non-migrating fire retardant (UL790 Class A) to produce a seamless, flexible, durable membrane with exceptional weatherability, UV (ultra violet) and fire resistance. DURASHIELD II™ acts as a “breathing” membrane allowing trapped moisture vapors to pass through the film while remaining impervious to exterior mass water penetration.

DURASHIELD II™ provides a resistance to mechanical damage and chemical attack. It has a gel time of 4 hours and tack free in 12 hours.

Recommended uses are:

  • Protective coating for PU foam, pipes, roofing, tank insulation, etc.
  • Coating for wood, asphalt, masonry and concrete surfaces.