manufacturingPackaging Foams are light density to protect fragile and delicate instruments, electronic equipment, glassware and other products requiring protection during shipping. Foams can be rigid and flexible, and can be dispensed using modified spray equipment.

All of today’s upholstered furniture, mattresses and automotive seating designs use polyurethane foam as the main cushioning material. It provides lasting comfort and uncompromising support.

Polyurethane is well known as a base product for the manufacture of rigid foams used widely as insulators in refrigerators and freezers, insulation panels for buildings, and insulation for transporting furniture. It’s also used for tanks, pipes and large appliances and equipment.

Polyureas are very durable in areas of high traffic. They are used in clean/dirty rooms as a waterproofing and protective coating from daily pressure cleaning operations. Polyurea can be formulated to be flexible and resilient allowing the flooring system to protect objects that may fall upon them.


Polyurea flooring systems are popular for their rapid turnaround installation capabilities, and are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids.