water-polyurea-2 Because uncoated metals can rust and corrode, polyurea is used to coat irrigation pipes and flumes.

Polyurea provides a seamless, leak-proof system which protects abrasion, rust and corrosion for steel and other substrates. It's a multi-purpose material designed for residential and industrial applications. It is recommended for lining pipes, wells, basins and reservoirs, lift stations, reserve water tanks, and the loss of contained water.

Sprayed to geotextiles fabric, polyurea creates a seamless membrane for reservoirs, ponds and canals. It also contains spills, stops the leakage of effluents, and other fluids and liquids.

Polyurea is used to line the inside of water pipes for infrastructure rehabilitation work. It also serves as a protective coating for pipes insulated with polyurethane foam.

water-polyurea-1Polyurea has demonstrated its ability to last longer than paint and maintenance costs are reduced. The polyurea also has low-temperature flexibility, thermal stability, chemical resistance, odorless and non-reactive. It can be applied in single and multiple applications without appreciable sagging and is insensitive to moisture and temperatures.


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