environmental-1Environmental disasters and spills cause serious damage to the planet and our communities. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other entities worldwide have set strict compliance rules to help prevent these issues. Not complying with these rules will result in large fines among many other issues.


Polyurea industrial coatings have proven to be a very effective at helping to protect the environment from harmful substance spills and leakage. Our advanced pure Polyurea products provide a seamless, monolithic water-tight coating that withstands and resists harsh substances.

Specialty Products, Inc. provides environmental protection solutions for the Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical Manufacturing, Waste Water, Transportation, and many other industries.

environmental-2WTB Spray’s Polyurea provide:


  • Strong chemical resistance (many fuels, chemicals and bio-hazardous materials)
  • Primary & Secondary Containment high-strength linings for storage tanks, pipes, processing facilities, warehouses and many others
  • Flexible and good elongation properties that mold to and even move with the substrate
  • Waterproof layer that prevents ground water contamination and other leaks
  • Earth containment and soil erosion protection