solutions-1SPI is an industry pioneer and leading innovator in manufacturing pure polyurea industrial coatings that contain no VOCs, solvents or ozone depleting ingredients. Our seamless, elastomeric (flexible), fast-set (rapid curing) polyurea coatings allow for a quick return to service that minimizes costly downtime.

SPI industrial coating solutions provide protection for:

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  • solutions-2Resistance to many chemicals, hydrocarbons, and other caustic materials (PTU™ and HT-100F™ chemical resistant elastomeric coatings)
  • Protection from abrasion, wear and tear, and impact damage (K5™ abrasion resistant barrier coating)
  • Industrial floor coatings, vehicle and forklift traffic (ULTRA BOND-HT™ and K5™ abrasion resistant coatings)
  • Numerous other industrial coating uses